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We will have another driftwood horse ready to go in mid December 2011.











 'War Horse'

grazing & ready to go



 Life size Driftwood Horse 

FOR SALE £7,000   ONO





 The horse has a small but strong steel brace holding it together, It also helps with stability once sited into position with steel pegs



                    A stunning looking horse from any view

Metal hoofs give the horse that extra quality touch




 From any angle,this life size horse looks amazing 







Hand made using a hard wood (teak) this horse looks every inch the thorougbred he is.He is standing in a magestic stance & is a true piece of garden art to complement any garden or meadow.'War horse' is avalible to view at any time, Simply email or phone me.        kev 0754 0242579






If you are interested in a life size driftwood horse simply email me with any questions & i will get straight back to you , 

Thanks Kevin Connaire.


      Horse Bandit Sellers Beware !!




Earlier this year (June 2011) a customer called me up concerned that a driftwood horse i had sold him , was for sale on a web site shop in the UK for much less than he paid for the horse.'How can this be' ? he asked. The answer is simple , It can't be.


What some web based companies are doing is uploading picturers of my horses and putting the pictures on their web site proporting to sell my horses as their own stock at some incredibly low prices.Why would they do this ? They don't have the horse.


This is what can happen.


1) You see a horse that looks great & very cheap.


2) You pay for a horse they do not own , so cannot supply.


3) They keep your money from anything from 1 month up to 3 months on the pretence that the horse is being hand made & taking longer than they thought to finish.


4) After a while you ask for your money back .


5) If you are very lucky & you may get your money back.


6) Meanwhile your money has been sitting in their account, working for them.







Kevin Connaire Driftwood Horses









        what you see is what you get







We only advertise the horses we have avalible. The horse you buy will be the horse you get. Any horse we offer is the property of Kevin Connaire Ltd.The horses & other items on this web site are the items you will get when you commit to buying them.






Kevin Connaire Ltd create bespoke life size driftwood horses.

We are able to take orders on any driftwood animal, & we encourage viewings,however please no 'hoof kickers'. We are more than confident that if you are truly intrested in investing in a life size kevin Connaire driftwood horse or any other animal art work, then once you see our creations with your own eyes the quality will speak for it's self.